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We strongly believe that there is no name given under heaven by which men may be saved except by the precious name of Jesus. [Acts 4v12]
We are determined to walk in our Christlikeness, Christ values, Identity and life purpose [VIP].
We are pro-family, for family and seek to uphold the family in every way possible.
We believe in building strong family homes and a strong family conscious church.
We hold the musical celebration of worship of God at the highest standard possible. [Psalm 95v1-2; Psalm 96v1-4]
We walk by faith and not by sight all our lives. [2 Corinthians 5v7]
We carry ourselves with dignity, honour and self respect at all times.
We welcome strangers as if they are our close relatives. [Hebrews 13v2]
We are committed to seeking the lost, teach the saved and releasing the discipled to the mission field to save souls.
We look out for one another and concern ourselves with seeking the lost, healing the hurting, assisting the sick and we are passionate about helping the needy.

We care for each other and support one another passionately and we love one another as Christ loves us.

We believe in paying our tithes as God directed it in the Holy Bible. [Leviticus 28v30; Number 18v21-24; Deut 14v22-29; Malachi 3v10]


We respect each other and communicate with love language. [Ephesians 5v19]
We are Bible believing and we stand on the Word of God 24/7 without reservation.
We are devoted to studying and obeying the Holy Bible and adhering to its principles.
We are discipleship driven to build character, integrity, accountability and obedience to God.
We believe in the institution ordinance of marriage and hold that sex is designed for marriage relationships and not outside of it.
We are mission minded and are committed to touch lives, transform nations and evangelise the world.
We are kingdom minded and encourage church felloship and a strong media outreach, using every available medium to preach the Gospel and to expand the kingdom.

We are committed to speaking in the language of love to all we meet and hold ourselves accountable to talking in pleasant tones and in a cordial manner even when under pressure.

We demonstrate our love by helping the needy in all our communities and reaching out to others in communities around the world to make a difference in the world.

We gladly support the church's mission work in every way possible and we are willing to go on mission trips and support those sent. [Matthew 28v11-19; Matthew 24v14]


At Greater Life Academy
We are training future missionaries, pastors and leaders for the Kingdom of God. We raise up Christ' Ambassadors & followers, who promote Righteousness, Justice, Love & Truth. We are called to raise giants of the
to go all over the earth to save SOULS for the Kingdom of God.
UK Fax: +44 (0)131 608 1036
Email: [email protected]

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