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Who can enrol at GLA?

A Chritian believer who is seeking to expand their knowledge of how to become a servant of the LORD and who desires to serve others can apply. Every applicants must be a born again follower of Jesus Christ.

Age requirement:

Applicants must be at least 18 year of age.

Student Identity

For security and accountability reasons, we need to verify the identity & nationality of all our students. As such we will require an official government issued ID, such as your drivers license or an international passport.

References requirement

For all pastoral courses leading to a leadership certificate or ordination, we require two reference letters from your church/ministry leadership or from members of your church community who knows you very well and can vouch for you character and integrity & are standing with you to pursue these courses.

Language requirement

With the exception of the discipleship module, applicants are required to have a good knowledge of the ENGLISH language in order to benefit from this course and to fully appreciate and comprehend the course content.

Foreign language Courses Available

Only Discipleship courses are available in the following 14 languages: Cebuano (Philippines), Chichewa, Chinese, French, Portugese, Russian, Sinhala, Spanish, Swahili, Tagalog, tamil, Luganda, Thai & Urdu.

Study format

We offer our courses as distance learning, online, off-campus studies. Residential Summer school courses are available from June-August and we have selected on campus weekend courses also. See advertised courses for full details or email: [email protected] to find out more.

How to get a study scholarship:

All students upon admission are automatically granted a FULL SCHOLARSHIP for their study. It shall cover the entire duration of their course or courses.

Administrative fee

All students are expected to pay for a nominal administrative fee, which covers all the administrative work/resources associated with their respective courses.

Certificate fee

Upon completion of a subject or course, the candidate will be expected to pay a small fee for the issuing their certificate. See the section under fees for more details.

Time commitment:

It is imperative that students who are serious about enroling make sure they have the time to study. We prefer not to waste our scholarship. We therefore, recommend that prospective students should have a plan for the course and should design a serious study time plan before applying.

Equality of opportunity

We recognise that not all students will have had an equal opportunity to demonstrate their full academic potential. All applications are given careful individual consideration and a holistic decision is made with regard to the individual´┐Żs academic achievements and potential, taking into account the context and circumstances in which they pursue their education.

Practical Internship:

It is essential that all students are aware that there is a practical internship that is applicable to all our courses. Every course and subject requires a practical assignment, to apply their learned knowledge or skill.

How to register for this course?


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