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Ephesians 4v23: "Be made new in the attitude of your minds."


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Our Main Missions Ministry?
Jannet Hopewell Ministries is led by our Pastor Hopewell, who is one of our Senior house pastors. JHM has been in existence since 2005, ministering God's favour and grace to the needy across the world. Our Heart Of Love minsitries within JHM oversees our church outreach programs in the United Kingdom, Africa & India. The activities include anti-domestic abuse campaigns, feeding outreach for women, children and widows, orphan care and ministering healing, health & wholeness to God's people.

What is the Renew Earth Summit
The RENEW EARTH message is aimed at all believers & church leadership. It is mainly designed for God's disciples, church Elders, Leaders, Pastors, missionaries & ministers of the Godspel of Jesus Christ. It is designed to awaken the church to take charge and play a leading role in RENEWING the earth. The Renew Earth Summit is never a preaching session, it is not a church conference or a social gathering.

It is a reality check summit for awakening the church from her complacency and to galvernise her to take a leading role in healing the earth through practical & prayerful action. The summit is designed to edify, educate and galvanise the faithful and to spur the church to take her place in renewing the earth for the coming of our Lord and Saviour.

Men Of Faith
Men of faith is mens ministry where men within the church get together, pray together, work together and strengthen their bonds in the Lord as a band of brothers who connect 'Soul 2 Soul', in a God loving, God fearing and God reverencing way. These are men for God who promote strong & undiluted family values. They are men on a mission together to transform themselves, their families and positively impact the world around them.

Women Of Faith
This is our Women Ministry where our precious women come together as sisters to seek the Lord, support each other and walk together through life in fellowship, enhancing each other's values, affirming their identity and purpose in Christ and standing in the gap in prayer for one another. These are prayer women on the front line whose focus is on God and are determined to walk in their Value, Identity & purpose.[VIP]

Children Of Faith
This is our children's ministry where they are raised up with their Christ Identity, inspired, mentored, ministered to, loved on, discipled for God and raised as bold children who love God, know & feel the love of God and are uplifted in every way so that they can become powerful Children who believe God and are poised to become world changers in a Kingdom affirming way. Jesus said of them: "Let the children come to me..." We seek to do just that.

Young At Heart
This is our older generation ministry where they get together to pray together, socialise, travel, connect spiritually, study the word together, influence the younger generation and be there to continue their walk with Christ together, in support of one another, in a family bonding, God loving and a divinely inspired manner. Our older members are treated with love, dignity, respect and are valued. Their life experiences are valued and their love is well received and honoured by all.

Is our singles ministry meeting the needs of the single men and women of our church where they are ministered to, mentored and made ready for a full family life. The ministry fosters friendship, positive relationships, community living and empowers all our singles with a strong sense of their Godly values, identity and life purpose in Christ Jesus. We walk alongside our singles helping to show them how to live a purpose driven life whilst being single and empowered to get stronger in their waiting season.

Mission Task Force
Is our Mission Outreach Team who are responsible for our church outreach and international missions. These are our mission task masters who run our outreach and mission trips assignments with military precision, taking pride in their work and derive immense joy from being placed in a position to meet the need of others. To spread God's love and the gospel of Jesus Christ through meeting the needs of others. They are a credit to the body of Christ. Come and join them!

Prayer Task Force:
It is written: "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." - Ephesians 6:12. Our Prayer Strike Force team members are dedicated to praying & fasting for the Saints and rejoice in interceding in prayer at all times. Prayer is an offensive and defensive weapons against the enemy. You are welcome to join in this ministry."

Broadcast Ministries:
Our broadcast ministry team within the church dedicate all their God given talent & available technology to bring the FRESH word of God to you at home/office in a most accessible way. This ministry's goal is to facilitate the presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ according to the Biblical mandate stated in Matthew 28v18-20; saying: "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation."Through the media use of radio, television, film, print, photography and performing arts we express the RELEVANT message of the Gospel of Salvation to all people. We are very passionate about broadcasting the good news of Jesus to the world. We are mindful that not everybody can attend church services easily due to mobility and physical challenges or others forms of challenges.

Therefore, we reach out to the special needs community with passion and zeal and we encourage them to connect with the FRESH message of Jesus Christ being brought to them because we totally believe that they are PRECIOUS and because they count. We encourage you to ook out for the wonderful ways we have on offer for bringing you our worship services or the word LIVE as they happen on Sundays or on other days, including conferences, seminars, lectures or Bible Study sessions. You can receive the message of Christ today.

Faith Generation:
Faith Generation is our young adults & student ministry which led by a team of our seasoned student pastors. We empower young people to become active in their walk, worship, and surrender to God. We meet regularly for social events, concerts, bible studies & one on one connection meetups, to chill, talk and build relationships. Everyone is part of our loving family where friendships are formed for life. This ministry uses media and technology, music, social events and activities to bless & connect with young people.

The Faithfulls
All members of staff, ministry and service providers within our church belong to the club of the Faithfuls. Everyone serving the Lord in the church are happy to be a part of this team and ministry. The Faithfuls are at the door when you come to church. They are the faces that smiles, encourage & stand with you when life is a mess and things look down. They are people God has appointed to serve you in His name. You are welcome to join the Club of the Faithfuls anytime. You will love being a part of God's servants in His house.

Faith Corner
Our Faith life family church resources are managed by the Faith Corner team ensuring that the congregation have access to all books, audio, video and media resources for equipping the saints. Conference details, information about church events, church calendar, mission trips, available courses, upcoming events and other essential materials can be obtained or ordered from the Faith Corner staff. You are welcome to volunteer for this ministry.

Sound Of Faith
The Sound of faith is our highly valued team Worshipers & Musicians. Their unique sound of worship and vibrant music is one to experience. They are passionate, dedicated and on fire for God to bring Him all the praise, glory and honour due to him. Our worship encompases rich and eclectic sounds. They are responsible for the celebration style of our worship services. A delight to experience, so come along and experience the sound of worship in delightful way.

Health & Wellness Ministry:
Our health and wellness ministry was established to educate, assist, support and inform our congregations on matters relating to their health and the importance of healthy living, healthy eating and having a health conscious lifestyle. This ministry ensures that members have a positive nutritional outlook and have a healthy biblical approach in their everyday life and living. Issues addressed by the ministry include but is not limited to positive eating habits, exercising & physical fitness, alternative therapies and complimentary therapy benefits, etc. The overall ministry is based on Biblical as well as holistic principles.

Direct Ministry
This is our church ministry offering Support Services to members who are in need of one thing or another or require assistance to gain access to some external services or service providers who can assist them in solving the problem or in dealing with the challenge at hand. This ministry is very much involved with immigration support/matters for the asylum seekers and refugees within the fellowship and exert their energy to reducing stress associated with the immigration process,

Refresh Ministry
Refresh is our refreshment and resources provider ministry within the church. Their job is to oversee all the preparation of food, snacks and delicacies for our church family on Sundays and at conferences, workshops, outreaches and at meetings. They are responsible for the delivery of food to house bound church members and for the sick who are unable to prepare their own food at home. This is a very demanding and most valued ministry that reflects the heart and style of Christ within our church family.

Voice Of Faith
Voice of Faith is our church magazine that comes out seasonally both online and in a print format. It is for edifying the church family and for inspiring them and encouraging them in their daily walk with God as well as equip them on how to live a blessed life. Issues and topics covered include but is not limited to faith matters, love life, family living, marriage, precious lifestyle, faith lifestyle, educational matters, health and wellness issues and on how to be a missionary at any level or stage of life.

Faith Mission School
Our mission academy prepares people over the age of 18 for local, national and international missions. The program is comprehensive but very practical, requiring over 300 hours of active practical training for missions. Particpants can undertake the standard, intermediate and premium mission culminating in international mission assignments to Kenya, India and other developing nations. The school also offers a Pastoral Mission stream for those seeking to become pastors in the mission field. For More Info, visit: Click Here!