Ministry Internship Defined

Our ministry and mission internship is designed for those seeking to gain experience in serving within a busy ministry where daily involvement in media, outreach, television work, filming, televagelism, education, farming experince, broadcasting, praying, administrative work, international ministry work & involvement and caring for those in need whilst helping to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the norm. This is an exciting internship that will fill you up, keep you busy and help you grow stronger in becoming a better servant of the Gospel.

Unique, exciting & fun Internship
This unique & fun internship has a strong practical element requiring interns to serve in various outreach ministries including: The Street Ministry, medical Care & Outreach Ministry, Counselling Ministry, Prayer Ministry, childcare ministry, elderly care Ministry, Women's ministry, Domestic Violence Ministry, mission support & logistics Ministry, ministry administration and much more. This internship is not for everyone! It is for those looking to grow in Christ, as we all as have fun.

When To Enrol

You can enrol anytime (Available all year round)- Subject to space availability.

General Internship Areas/Activities
1. Film shoots, recording & editing
2. Becoming Greater TV Channel activities
3. Food bank & warehouse ministry/operations
4. Poultry farming experience
5. Prayers & Intercessory ministry
6. Domestc violence ministry
7. Front desk & admin support roles
8. Ministry Outreach to needy families
9. Disabled & elderly people ministry
10. Street evangelism opportunities
11. Fundraising department work
12. House Cafe & Bookstore services
13. Welcome & Concierge ministry
14. Welfare, aged & disabled people ministry
15. Book Publishing (Editing & transcribing, etc.
16. Serving in the church

Social/Fun activities

Interns will be able to experience and particpate in daily fun activities such as:
Free CPR and First Aid Training
Free discipleship lectures and mentoring
Personal Counselling session
Pop-up Dinners & fine dinning cooking nights on weekends
Movie nights
Film nights
Game nights
Hicking, Walking hills & trails
Live Music nights
Free Portrait Art classes

Travel Visa To The UK

We do not hold a Tier 4 or 5 sponsor licence from the UK Border Agency. This means that if you wish to come for internship from another country, you must necessary criteria. Interns from outside the United Kingdom will need to ensure that they have the correct entry visa in place before seeking to enter the United Kingdom. We are able to confirm food & board in writing if required and you have paid for it.

This ministry does not hold a Tier 4 sponsor licence from the UK Border Agency. This means that if you wish to come to the UK from another country, you must meet the relevant entry criteria.


Application Fee: £10/€10/$12 USD
*Only serious applicants need apply!*
Monthly Shared Room & Board: £500/ €500/$520 USD
(Based on sharing a room with another intern)
Self contained Room & Board: £1,000/ €1,000/$1,040 USD Per-Monthly
Internship Admin Fee & Certificate: £25/ €25/$25 USD
All Fees Payable On enrolment.

Budgeting/financial planning:

Interns are advised to ensure that you have sufficient funds for your own personal needs such as, personal heygeine stuff, phone data/credit, transportation, train/flights cost, social activities, etc.

Medical/Health Insurance

Interns must arrange their own medical and travel insurance in advance and provide proof of coverage to us, well ahead of time.

Internship Resources on the ground:

Internship Resources are Provided Free of charge by the ministry

Daily Schedules:
Duration Options: 1-3 Months
Daily Shifts: 7am-3pm or 3pm-10pm with built in break times
Weekend Hours: Variable/Flexible
Total Hours/Day: 8 Hours

Certificates of completion

Internship certificate of completion is issued to all participants upon completion of their internship.

Mentor/Welfare Officer Assignment:

Each intern is assigned an internship moderator or mentor who will guide, direct, support you during your internship

General Requirement:

Students must be age 18 years and over. Must be literate and have a sound understanding/command of the English language for ease of tutorial support. Courses are available in other languages with limited tutorial support.
Student must have the financial ability to self-fund and to meet all the expenses relating to this course.

Our scholarship only covers tuition and course materials only.
Nominal administrative fee applies.

How to register for this course?



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