We are the UNITED body of Christ, standing together, standing strong, under God, taking territories from the enemy, and spreading the GOSPEL of Salvation through Jesus Christ! Together we are formidabe! Halleluyah!

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When can I enrol?

Enrolment is possible all year long. Certain residential summer courses are set to a rigit time & schedule. You will need to adhere to set schedules for summer or certain mnothly programs.S

How do I apply for the course I want?

Complete the online applications from our website and follow the instructions given for enrolment or you may email your enrolment request to: [email protected]

Can non-Christians enrol on this course?

It is not recomended. They will not have the ability to comprehend the content of our courses. It is designed only for born again believers.

Is it true that everyone gets a scholarship for their tuition?

Yes, it is true. Every student gets a scholarship awarded to cover their tuition.

Do all courses have the same admin fee?

No, it varies. Here are the published admin fees, visible on our website:
Course Admin Fee Per Course: £250/€290/$330 USD
Internship Admin Fee: £250/ €290/$330 USD
Subject by subject Certificate fee: £15

What other extra fees am I likely to pay?

Students will have to pay for their own books & for postage where applicable.

Why do I have to pay for postage?

The academy cannot offer scholarship and have funds to pay for such things also.

How do my course notes get delivered?

Your course content gets delivered via email. You may access certain pre-recorded documents and resources using online links provided. Some course content are made available on Becoming Greater Television (

Is a letter of recommendation required?

Yes, it is. It is a very important part of our due diligence and due process protocol or enrolment.

Can I enrol for a pastoral/ordination course even if my pastors disagrees?

You may enrol but you will still need two recommendations from church/ministry people who can vouch for you.

Can I request for a female mentor as a woman?

Oh, yes you can.

Can a school/organisation enrol students on a course as a collective?

Schools, colleges and ministries are welcomed to enrol students in groups who may wish to study together. Our course modules are been used in such settings.

Can I pay my admin fee in instalments?

Yes, we allow admin fees to be paid in two instalments at most.

Do you offer residential Summer courses?

Yes, we do. Request for summer & monthly course schedule.

Are your courses accredited by any independent body?

No, they are not! We do not subscribe to any particular body for accreditaion but we hold partnership status with some organisations within the Body of Christ. We have no plan to seek formal accreditation.

How much do I have to pay for my certificate?

Subject by subject Certificate fee: £15
Course/Levels Certificate fee: £35

Will I be assigned a mentor as soon as I am enrolled?

Yes, you will.

How soon can I finish my course?

That depends on you and how much time you devote to your studies, complete your assignment and submoit them. You are allowed to go and grow at yor own pace.

How soon after I finish the subject/course can I get my certificate?

Immediately after.

Can I get a job with my certificate?

Our courses are not designed for secular employment and churches may exercise discretion if they will choose to accept your certificate in order to employ you, but be fully aware that our courses are designed for Kingdom service only not for employment.

Why do I need a photo ID of myself enrol?

We are required by law to ascertain the identity of our students. We are required to do due diligence.

Can I enrol on more that one subject/course?

Yes, you can. Only be sure you have the time and dedication to follow through.

Is there a compulsory time limit to finish my course?

No. The time information on our website is a guide. Remember that you are in charge. You can go slowly or go all out.

When can I enrol?


When are missions diplomas issued?

Missions Diplomas are issued upon completion of the courses set out at Levels 1,2 & 3 plus internships and ordination certificates are issued upon completion of an ordination course (Subject to status).

How to register for this course?


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