"The fruit of your womb will be blessed, and the crops of your land and the young of your livestock-the calves of your herds and the lambs of your flocks." Deuteronomy 28v4&11

Are you ready for the Poultry course?

Poultry farming Business Course

At the Greater Life Academy, we train our pastors, ministers and missionaries to develop a hands on approach to farming. Many end up in the mission field and have no skills to assist local people to help them selves. Taking poultry farming helps you to cquire transferable skills that can be used to teach other people both at home and abroad on how to be self sufficient or engage in poultry farming as an income generating business for their local church or ministry abroad (especially overseas).

Step 1 - Registration
First, sign up for the course. Pay your course administration fee of £100/€115/$122 USD. Then complete our introduction to Poultry Farming module, that readies you for the theory classes.

Step 2 - Poultry farming Theory
Sign up for the Poultry Farming Business course which is delivered through Janets' online learning platform. Access the Poultry Farming Business content from any internet-enabled device whenever or wherever you want to. The Poultry Farming Business course has no formal teaching deadlines, meaning you are free to complete the course at your own pace.

How does this work?

We encourage our students to sign up for the online (Theory) part of the course first. It is a four hour course which they can complete through an online provider whose curriculum detailed and comprehensive. Here is a link to their website:

It only cost £18/€22/$22 USD and a certificate of completion is awarded upon finishing the course.

Theory Course content:

Module-1: Introduction to Poultry Farming.
Module-2: Poultry Nutrition
Module-3: Diseases
Module-4: Vaccination
Module-5: Layers
Module-6: Broilers
Module-7: Ducks
Module-8: Turkey
Module-9: Incubation
Module-10: Brooding
Module-11: Housing and the Environment
Module-12: Record Keeping, Economics and Marketing
Module-13: Insect and Pest Control
Module-14: Safety and Awareness

Step 3 - Practical training course:

Armed with the certificate from your step 2, our student is now ready for their practical training segment. You will need to pay your placement administration fee of: £250/ €290/$330 USD
at this stage.

Students may come to Scotland for the training or students can be placed with a local poultry farmer to train with for four weekends. Upon completion of that pratical training, the academy will issue a certificate of practical poultry training to our student. We can arrange practical internships for the student.

Practical Course Content

Coop construction
Enclosure construction
Fox proofing enclosures
Chicking feed
Handling day old chicks
Bedding & straw management
Egg collection & Storage
Culling the bird
Mortality handling/Management
DEFRA registration/Compliance

Course Fee Structure
Tuiton: FREE for all courses
Registration Admin fee: £100/€115/$122 USD
Internship Arrangement Fee: £250/ €290/$330 USD
Practical Course Certificate fee: £35
Weekend accommodation: (£) To Be Advised.
Books: Student will pay for their own books.
Training Material: Provided for free.
NOTE:Administration fees payable on enrolment.

Practical Course Duration

Spread over four Saturdays - 10am - 4pm.

General Requirement:

Students must be age 18 years and over.
Must be literate and have a sound understanding/command of the English language for ease of tutorial as well as practical support.

The Poultry course is only available in English language with tutorial support.
Student must have the financial ability to self- fund the theory and practical internship parts of this corse and to meet all the expenses relating to this course.

Our scholarship only covers tuition and course materials only.
Nominal administrative fee applies.

How to register?


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