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Accreditation/Qualification Statement:

We make no claim that our courses are accredited for any public or private use. Our courses are designed for those seeking to grow and expand their Kingdom territory & be equppied with essential skill to serve in the church or in ministry somewhere in the world. Our courses are not validated by any organisation(s) and we have not sought to, nor plan to seek any organisation's accreditation or approval.

Courses/Academy Set Up:

Courses offered by GLA are for Chritians wholly and for our partners & members primarily. Independent applicants may be rejected due to lack of acceptable/credible pastoral church oversight to support the chosen course(s) program chosen. Where oversight standard cannot be guaranteed enrolment is denied.

Ministries/Church Affiliates:
Whilst GLA does provide assistance to help ministries & churches to start their own Bible institute or academy, we do not provide financial support and may request reinbursement of cost for some course materials and resources provided to applicant organisations.


Ordination courses are only offered to selective applicants who are serious, not frivolous, are committed to becoming a minister and has such call of God on their lives to lead a flock. Stringent selection process will be applied. Previously ordained applicants seeking GLC credentialing will be subject to strict identity & previous training confirmation as well references & credential verification process and be subject to the Greater Life Church Body oversight.


Disclaimer: We do not (nor do any of our officials) make any claims, promises, or guarantees about the use, the matter, accuracy, completeness, adequacy, suitability or reliability of the information, education, credentials or products presented on this website. Users are invited to do their own due diligence and only subscribe to enrol for courses or programs once they are fully satisfied that what we have to offer meets their need.

For More Information:
For more information regarding our accreditation statements, please email us at: [email protected]


At Greater Life Academy
We are training future missionaries, pastors and leaders for the Kingdom of God. We raise up Christ' Ambassadors & followers, who promote Righteousness, Justice, Love & Truth. We are called to raise giants of the
to go all over the earth to save SOULS for the Kingdom of God.
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