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Pastoral Missionary Course - Levels 1, 2 & 3

Our pastoral & missionary courses are tailor made for those seeking to serve as pastors & ministers in the mission field. The course is very practical intensive, very much hands on and designed for those who are willing to roll their sleeves up and serve the needy, the broken and the poor. The course has a strong practical element requiring students to serve in various outreach ministries including: The Homeless Ministry, Street Ministry, medical Care & Outreach Ministry, Counselling Ministry, Prayer Ministry, childcare ministry, elderly care Ministry, Women's ministry, Domestic Violence Ministry, Drug Addiction & Rehabilitation Ministry, mission support & logistics Ministry, church administration and much more. This course or calling is not for everyone!

Pastoral Missionary Module - Level 1
1. Pastoral Foundations 1 - Timothean Model
2. Ministry of the Holy Spirit
3. Practical prayer Intercession & Strategic /Spiritual Warfare
4. Knowing God's Voice
5. Methodology, Multiplication & Evangelism,
6. Confronting Crisis/Crisis Management
7. Practical Missions & Church planting
8. Stewardship & Partnership Development
9. Communication skills in ministry
10. Homiletics & Communion & rites
11. Biblical Israel & significance

Pastoral Missionary Leadership Module - Level 2
1. Pastoral Leadership Skills/Team Dynamics/Timothean Model
2. Biblical Management Principles
3. Principles of Worship
4. Conference planning & execution
5. Biblical Men & Women of faith
6. Domestic Violence & Women's ministry,
7. Mission Outreach, World language, Cultures & Religions
8. Marriage & singles Ministry & Counselling
9. Conducting weddings/Officiating
10. Bereavement & Burial rites

Pastoral Missionary Practical -Level 3:
1. Practical Street & Homeless Ministry,
2. Practical fundraising ideas & Practice

3. Practical Healthcare Care & medical Outreach Ministry,
4. Practical Counselling & Conflict Resolution Ministry,
5. Practical Children & Youth Ministry,
6. Practical Disabled & Elderly people care Ministry,
8. Drug Addiction & Rehabilitation Ministry,
9. Prison & Detainee's ministry & support,
10. Practical Church finance, administration & logistics

Optional Vocational Internships � Extra Level
1. Poultry farming skills course
2. Hospitality experience course
3. Care & home care operations course
4. Disabled care & preparation course
5. Conference planning & execution course


The Greater Life Academy & Church Offers an Ordained Missionary Course which anyone over the age of 21 can apply for.
It is a very didatic, demanding and comprehensive course.
It is church based, practically intensive.
Students must/should have the time to dedicate to it.
It is a very demanding course.
It is not for everyone, unless you are truly called by God to be a minister or missionary!
Only determined people need apply.

Duration: 2-3 Years (Variable)
Church Work: Local church internship is compulsory.
Total Hours: 2,080 man Hours
Grading Ratio: Theory 40% - Practical-60%
Passmark: 75% Minimum
Instructor Led: Yes, with constant supervision.
Scholarship: Offered to all students
Course Admin Fee Per Level: £250/€290/$330 USD
Internship Admin Fee: £250/ €290/$330 USD
Subject by subject Certificate fee: £15
Course/Levels Certificate fee: £35
Overseas & Local Travels: Paid for by student.
Accommodation (Local & International): Paid for by Student. Administration fees are due payable on enrolment
Books: Student will pay for their own books
Other resources are provided free.

Multiple Studies Option

Students may enrol for several modules at the same time as per their ability and time available for studies. All students must ensure that carry our all the practical assignments associated with their course(s).

Duration: Two Years minimum
Breakdown: 12 months in local church & 12 months at another church or overseas.
Total Hours: 2,080 man Hours
Grading Ratio: Theory 40% - Practical-60%
Passmark: 75% Minimum

Certificates Issued

Certificate of completion is issued to all participants/students upon completion of each course and having satisfactorily met all the specified course requirements. All examinations, report and assignments must be submitted to the Apostolic examiner's office. Certificates are issued upon completion.

Ordinary & Missions Diploma Issued:

Ordinary Diplomas are issued upon completion the modules set out at each level.
Missionary Diplomas are issued upon completion of the courses set out at Levels 1,2 & 3 plus internships.

Moderator/Mentor Assignment:

Each student is assigned a course moderator or mentor who will guide, direct, support and assist students in their chosen course or courses. The mentor will offer support via email, Skype, WhatsApp or via other available media format at the mutual convenience of the student & mentor. Students are expected to be self driven and have local support at their own church/ministry to assist them in their educational pursuit.

Course Sponsor/Modules

All our courses are offered by Greater Life Academy and other entities in partnership with other Christian educational resource providers. Precious son Enoch, good morning. I pray that nothing will get in the way of your relationship with God, not even you, anything else and anyone else. Course materials produced by Harvettime International forms a significant part of the theory course materials offered. SFF collegiate members uses the same academic materials. The course content are copyright restricted.

General Requirement:

Students must be age 21 years and over. Must be literate and have a sound understanding/command of the English language for ease of tutorial support. Courses are available in other languages with limited tutorial support.
Student must have the financial ability to self-fund and to meet all the expenses relating to this course.

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