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Practical Training Aspects

At the Greater Life Academy, every aspect of our course, no matter how simple the subject has a practical assignment built into it. We are not raising or educating theologians here. We are raising kingdom SERVANTS with the passion and zeal to go out there and be a SERVANT of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Why is the practical training aspect important?

A servant mindset means, you are willing to help care for others, minister to the suffering, feed the hungry, encourage those in despair, clothe the naked and wash the clothes of the needy & destitute, feed the hungry, uplift the poor, heal the broken and the suffering people of God. A practical mindset means you have the capacity to get out of your chair and church and go (elsewhere) to serve others. [Isaiah 58v6-10]

Servanthood is not a private club!

Servanthood Mindset
It is a position of humility and compassion. We want to help our students to develop a servanthood mindset and a compassionate mindset, that says: It is not all about me and my ego. It is about the others & it is about God!

Fishermen mentaility:

We are called to raise 'Fishers of Men'[John 4v18-20] - as such, fishers of men (SERVANTS) must know how to fish. That is they must know how to get into, navigate and the rivers, seas & oceans (which are peoples & nations).

of mankind out there and minister to them, wash their feet like Jesus did, feed the lambs and tend the sheep who are in need.[John 21v17]

Practical mindset

SERVANTS are required to roll up their sleeves, grab hold of their aprons, get down on their knees and serve the needy. That is how Jesus did it in His time on earth. [John 13v4-5] Indeed, He said the servant is the greatest![ ] So, we are determined to raise servants giants who are great at serving others.

Theological mindset

Some people seeks to be educated, to earn qualificatons that helps them get a job or a better employment, get a raise, feel fulfilled and be able to hang their certificates with pride on their wall. We do not condemn them at all.

We say, for such people, they are better enrolling at a theological seminary, college or university. At Greater Life Academy, we are SERVANTS, raising SERVANTS for the Kingdom of God. Time is very short & the King is coming soon!

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