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We are the UNITED body of Christ, standing together, standing strong, under God, taking territories from the enemy, and spreading the GOSPEL of Salvation through Jesus Christ! Together we are formidabe! Halleluyah!

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The Greater Life Academy is the education department of the Greater Life Church Church in Edinburgh, Scotland. GLC is a warm and friendly relevant church, founded on the foundation of the LOVE of CHRIST. As Christ's Ambassadors, we promote Righteousness, Justice, Love & Truth. We walk by faith and not by sight. We are a non-denominational relevant church. We are a church without walls meeting at homes, venues and online.


Everywhere you go or look in the world, even within the Body of Christ, the cost of education is sky high, as such many people are excluded from being able to access courses or training that can help them grow and mature more as believers.

Many are called to ministry, missions and pastoral leadership but lack the financial ability to attend a college, university or seminary. Therefore, we and our mission partners decided to step in and help those who wish to advance themselves within the Kingdom by offering a full scholarship to ALL our students regardless of their race, denominations, gender, theological orientation or nationality.


We are a mission minded church and academy, therefore we encourage students from all over the world to enrol at our academy and not have to worry about course fees or tuition. The nominal administrative fee we charge is for delivering resources to the student and to manage their academic work. No one is refused a scholarship! No-one!


We are always looking for active partners who feel called by God to support the GLA scolarship fund. So, if you feel Spirit led to partner with us in any way, shape or form, please get in touch and we will be delighted to engage with you in any way you feel led to be a part of our scholarship project.

We welcome individuals, organisations, corporate, ministries and church bodies who may wish to partner with us to expand the kingdom of God.

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At Greater Life Academy
We are training future missionaries, pastors and leaders for the Kingdom of God. We raise up Christ' Ambassadors & followers, who promote Righteousness, Justice, Love & Truth. We are called to raise giants of the
to go all over the earth to save SOULS for the Kingdom of God.
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